The iTunes of Love

Nothing speaks the language of love better than music. It exquisitely captures and conveys all those emotions for which we sometimes lack words.

Even better, there is a vast lexicon to choose from, so there’s always something to perfectly suit the occasion, whatever your musical taste.

Personally, I’ve never been one for pop songs or what are typically considered romantic songs. There is nary a Celine or Mariah to be found in my iTunes library, and I can’t tell the difference between John Mayer and Justin Bieber.

I heart songs that are more mental than sentimental – intense, libidinous, sometimes hypnotic rockers that can shake you all night long. Herewith, in no particular order (and by no means comprehensive), is a list of songs that I hope will get your mojo risin’ on Valentine’s Day.

I’d love to hear yours.

Led Zeppelin: Since I’ve Been Lovin’ You
Nine Inch Nails: Closer
Pink Floyd: Shine On You Crazy Diamond (parts I-V)
Portishead: the entire “Dummy” album
Amy Winehouse: Back To Black
The Beatles: I Want You (She’s So Heavy)
The Doors: anything at all
Duane Allman & Boz Scaggs: Loan Me A Dime
Tool: Right In Two
Joan Jett & the Blackhearts: Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah)
Queens of the Stone Age: Make It Wit Chu
Robin Trower: Bridge Of Sighs
Soundgarden: Black Hole Sun
Them Crooked Vulture: New Fang
The Who: Love Reign O’er Me
U2: take your pick, really
Patti Smith (or Bruce Springsteen): Because The Night
Robert Plant: Big Log
Pearl Jam: Just Breathe
Roxy Music: Love Is The Drug


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